Accessories for your Passengers

Max modelling Kinn's cool spokeguards.

Spokeguards to keep little feet out of the spokes.

Mini Bars, Foot Pegs and Grips

Mini-handlebars so junior has a good grip.

Rack Cushion, because it’s better when they are comfortable.
Our cushion is made in Portland from waterproof XXXX. There’s a reflective strip all the way around, and inside is 1.25″ of closed cell foam, meaning it won’t mold or mildew

Accessories for your Safety

Ursus Jumbo kickstand
The Ursus Jumbo – an 18 inch wide double kickstand that you can trust with your wee one.


Add a Smooth running Alfine Dynamo to drive your bike lights. No need to ever worry about low batteries again.