The Cascade Flyer

The Kinn Cascade Flyer

Here’s a quick tour of the Cascade Flyer, made for you in Portland Oregon


tour of the Kinn


The Kinn Cascade Flyer Comes in two Versions

  • 27 Speed Derailleur    Retail Price  $2,350

    Straight-forward, reliable Shimano 3×9 shifting with with a huge 600% gear range.  Perfect if you live in a hilly area or want that extra bit of oomph.

  • Alfine 8-Speed Internal Gear     Retail Price  $2,350

    The Alfine is Shimano’s top of the line 8 speed Internal gear hub, and has a 300% gear range. Simple, clean, and low-maintenance, the internal gear hub also allows you to shift while stopped. This is particularly handy when you’re waiting at a stoplight with a kid or a week’s groceries on board.

Both versions have Mechanical Disc Brakes front and rear for reliable stopping power, rain or shine.

See the full specifications here.

Kinn’s “Midtail with a Twist” Design

The underlying feature that gives the Cascade Flyer its flexibility is our unique “Mid-tail” frame design.  We found that lengthening the wheelbase by six inches would place most of the rear passenger’s weight  between the wheels. This results in good balance and prevents the load on the back from lifting the front wheel off the ground. Better balance means safer handling and more fun too.

We want the Cascade Flyer to be your everyday bike. It has to fit comfortably  everywhere regular bikes fit: on the front of a bus, on the back of your car, down the stairs to your basement and in the bike rack at the grocery store. It’s awkward or impossible to fit a long-tail cargo bike in many of these places. So the Cascade Flyer features a little twist: you can spin the front wheel around 180o to point backwards. That shortens the bike by 4 inches and means it can fit easily in all those places. A hidden spring-loaded latch gently holds the wheel in place making it easy to carry. Once you’re ready to ride away again, simply twist the handlebars back around and off you go.


Ready to Ride – Half turn the front wheel to fit the Bus or Elevator – Ready to Ride again.

Loading the Kinn onto a bus is easy peasy.

Loading the Kinn onto a bus rack is easy peasy.


The Kinn Multi-Rack 

The Kinn’s rack is a beautiful and spacious 21 x 5.5 inches. It’s topped with high quality bamboo ply which is finished with an European wood oil. You could serve sushi of this rack! Then there are pannier rails that will take regular panniers AND STILL have room for a child or a child seat on the back.

… with Adjustable Foot Pegs

Lower down you will find adjustable foot pegs. No matter how long or short your passengers legs might be, having somewhere solid to put both feet comfortably makes for a very stable ride. Plus it adds an easymount and dismount for kids.

… and Swivel Deck

Here’s the magic: we call it the swivel deck because … it swivels! Turn the Twist-lock dial and rotate the rack for a wide, stable platform. Or, remove it entirely to reveal the Easyfit window, compatible with Yepp‘s internationally acclaimed child seats. You can just snap in the child seat, or take it off in under 90 seconds. Plus it anchors directly to the frame rather than a bolt or adapter, hence ensuring a lot of security and a little peace of mind.

swivel deck


And who is Yepp you may ask? They are a long standing and multiple-award winning Dutch maker of child seats. The Yepp Maxi-EasyFit which is the seat that connects directly to the Kinn, is a brilliantly designed, fun-to-use child seat. They come in six colors and are made from the same durable, comfortable, antibacterial material used to make Croc shoes. Yepp, you’ll love the safety and your child will love the comfort!


yepp 3-flip