Wood / Plastic / Bamboo Revolution

I like wood, the look, feel and smell of it. I like it alive and i liked it planked and planed. Turns out I like grass too, for bamboo (a giant grass) is the final winner for the rear rack deck.

So Many Choices

I went through quite a stack of materials.  High Density Plastic ,  plastic skinned with Aluminum, Marine and Aircraft grade plywoods of Birch and Maple, as well as two types of bamboo plywood.

But Bamboo it is: it’s hard (30% harder than maple), it’s strong (same strength to weight as steel), it’s beautiful (to me), it’s a fast growing sustainable resource, and we have an emerging local bamboo operation. Bamboo Revolution here in Portland is planting bamboo in central Oregon – amazing. They are also leading the way with some fancy ply’s, the 3/8th thick material I’m using is 9 ply.

The video here is quite inspiring, really worth viewing. If you are pushed for time start at the two minute mark.

Starting a Bamboo Industry in Oregon  (the road trip version)