The Story of our Name

In case you are curious, our name Kinn was inspired by two words:

scrabble mug

  • kin – meaning family or clan, and
  • kinetic – meaning related to motion.

However KinKinectic was to much a mouthful and KineticKin was surely a cartoon character.  So, late one caffeinated winter evening we simply doubled up the ‘n’ in kin to represent the double meaning and …
… it looked good.

So we adopted kinn to mean “family in motion”, named our enterprise Kinn Bikes and drank the rest of our coffee in contented silence.

Of course it didn’t stop there, over the months there grew small vocabulary:

Kinnship   (noun)
— an uplifting fellowship with others (esp. families) travelling together by bike.

Kinnward  (adjective)
— in, or moving toward participation in family biking.

Kinnsong   (noun)
— the happy warbling of a child (or slightly tipsy adult) travelling on the back of a Kinn.

You get the idea.