The First of the New Frames

Sundown,  a cold December day, Portland, Oregon – is that the new Kinn Cascade Flyer frame? Why, yes it is.  A pretty little thing she is too.  We picked it up from Zen Bicycle Fab this afternoon and now back at our workshop, and standing just 8 feet behind me Max is building it up. […]


What’s a Midtail?

Longtail bikes are long, regular bikes are short, midtails – well we think they are just right. Goldilocks would have loved them too. The first modern longtails appeared 1998 when Xtracycle introduced thier attachment which extends a bike by about 1 1/2 feet. For a decade or so it that was the only choice, then […]


The Story of our Name

In case you are curious, our name Kinn was inspired by two words: kin – meaning family or clan, and kinetic – meaning related to motion. However KinKinectic was to much a mouthful and KineticKin was surely a cartoon character.  So, late one caffeinated winter evening we simply doubled up the ‘n’ in kin to represent the double […]

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Wood / Plastic / Bamboo Revolution

I like wood, the look, feel and smell of it. I like it alive and i liked it planked and planed. Turns out I like grass too, for bamboo (a giant grass) is the final winner for the rear rack deck. I went through quite a stack of materials.  High Density Plastic ,  plastic skinned […]